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Nuance Paperport 14 Crack




Digital paper workflow productivity is supported by easy-to-use, paper-efficient scanning features. The Scany application allows you to: Enter a job name, upload a file, or scan using your own paper document or paper clip Automatically scan, copy, and save or enter paper images in a variety of popular formats Create a thumbnail view of any paper document or photo and easily search within that view Scan, search, or copy paper documents and photos within a paper or electronic document Select multiple scans and easily drag them to one or more recipient lists Send a scanned paper document or paper image as a facsimile Work with your scanned paper documents in a shared, versioned, or collaborative environment Scan documents to a PaperPort Server or to a local file folder Scan documents to a folder using one-click paper clip scanner or camera Setup PaperPort Professional 14 We also strongly recommend updating to the newest release of Microsoft's MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint programs. They now have document scanning and export features similar to PaperPort Professional 14. Productivity Features in PaperPort Professional 14 Scan to PaperPort Server or local file folder Scan a paper document to a PaperPort Server or local file folder. One-Click Scan Scan documents using the built-in paper clip scanner or scanned image from a camera. Enter multiple documents with multiple scan types or use the one-click scanner to enter a single document PaperPort Scans your document like a traditional scanner, but with key features missing, such as a paper cut-off device, automatic document feed, and built-in OCR. Additional Features of PaperPort Professional 14 Online Document Services Scan a photo using the one-click scanner or camera, paste it in a local folder, and publish it online for viewing and sharing. Upload your PaperPort documents to a document management system like SharePoint and easily share documents with others online. Authoring and PDF Publishing With Document Services, you can view, view edit, and download documents in different formats, including native Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office 2010/2013 formats, and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Search & Replace The Search & Replace feature is a powerful way to find and replace text in a paper document or electronic file. Portable Document Format In addition to the built-in



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Nuance Paperport 14 Crack
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